It’s all about DIGNITY!

    Attention all students and parents. Casting a high school musical is NOT an easy job. It is no secret that, with high school students, there is an amount of emotion that is not generally found when casting a community production.

     Your production staff understands this; however, we have a job to do. When running callback auditions, we look for many things. Simply put, there is a process that needs to be followed to cast the show in the best possible way we can.

       Students and parents might not agree with our process or our decisions; however the cast list is FINAL. No amount of emails or phone calls will change the outcome. To that end, those who did not receive lead roles should show support for those who did.

      To those who DID receive lead roles it is important to understand that ALL members of a cast are important. A group of lead characters would be nothing without a supporting ensemble. So please, respect each other and your production staff. Please carry yourselves with DIGNITY in all that you do. Those who think we make these decisions easily are sorely mistaken. It’s now time to get past the audition and casting process and get to work. We’ve got a big job ahead of us.

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